President Viktor Yushchenko said free trade zone with CIS which would meet requirements of the WTO is Ukraine's priority in the CIS, reported.

According to presidential decree of December 15, Ukraine's priority areas of operation within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) are realization of Ukraine's potential as a transit country, alleviation of the aftermaths of natural and man-made emergencies, fighting organized crime and illegal migration, deepening of multilateral cooperation in the energy industry, the transport industry, the agro-industrial complex, the health industry, the science sector, and the social sector, resolution of the «frozen» conflicts in the post-Soviet area, prevention of cross-border crimes, and cooperation in the law-enforcement area.

The decree also states the need for Ukraine's cooperation within the CIS taking into account the country's chosen course of European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Ukraine intends to review its membership of the CIS before gaining membership of the European Union and NATO.

Yushchenko recently said that Ukraine continued to consider the CIS as an effective instrument for multilateral dialogue, particularly in the economic dimension despite the disappointment over the outcome of the recent CIS summit.


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