The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko declared that problem of VAT administration proves that corruption comes back to the state tax administration. He told today in Kyiv, opening a sitting of the National Security and Defense Council.

“This problem is very significant for national economy. It is a test for power to check whether the power can organize public relations, based on legal ground of non-subjectivism,” Yushchenko said.

According to him, this problem has been aggravated since September of the current year. By the end of October uncompensated VAT made UAH 7.2 milliard, what exceeds the correspondent index by 1.7 times at the beginning of the year. “42% of uncompensated sums were formed in September-October. What could happen that relation of the power and business passed to the manual regulation… If someone thinks the cause of it is a making order he is mistaken, it is the cause of corruption that comes back to the tax administration,” the President said.

Yushchenko noted that stable growth of budget return from VAT against rash growth of uncompensated sums proves that there is manual use of business resources for “financing of secret budget deficit,” that fairly constitutes indignation of business circles.


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