On today’s meeting with the President of Ukraine Party of Regions is ready to make concessions to the President as regards budget bill. PR member Yaroslav Sukhiy told journalists Friday.

“Party of Regions practice a principle: bad peace is better than good fight. We will meet all wishes of the President, if only he can feel like the President, but not like an opposition politician,” the deputy said.

He also declared that aspects of the budget process can be characterized as “normal and working.” Sukhiy informed journalists that a draft bill on introduction of changes and amendments to the state budget has been already prepared.  

The deputy noted that he cannot understand behaviour of the President. “A President, a leader of the nation does not act like this. It is behaviour of a second-rate opposition politician, who was promised a place in a list. The President of Ukraine cannot but understand that his proposals will bring budget down,” Sukhiy underscored.


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