Political reform in Ukraine may be cancelled, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko told Thursday at a press conference for the press.

According to Yushchenko, “there is no need to palter, but we should admit that the latest changes to the Constitution were non-constructive.” “These changes haven’t brought clearness Ukrainian society hoped for,” he noted.

The President underlined that “it resulted in the war of decrees, war of resolution and mess in personnel appointments.”  “It is abnormal,” he added.

“A constructive way is to admit and initiate in public improvement of the political reform. If we fail I’ll have to comment on another way out – cancellation of the results of the political reform,” he said.

The President underlined that “it is necessary to work out a model of introduction of changes, according to which every political force and representatives of different branches of the power can take part in this process.”


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