In the course of his visit to Estonia Victor Yushchenko addressed members of Estonia’s parliament, the Riigikogu, president’s press office reported.

In his speech, the President said parliamentary cooperation was an important part of the dialogue between Ukraine and Estonia.

“I hope such cooperation will be exceptionally beneficial in the exchange of Euro-Atlantic experience and in other international and parliamentary areas,” he said.

Yushchenko said he saw “great prospects for economic cooperation” with Estonia. He added the signing of a free trade agreement with the EU in 2007 would enable Ukraine to carry out policies encouraging foreign investment and creating a favorable business climate.

He said Ukraine and Estonia should launch joint projects in energy and transportation.

“In these areas, we can actively use our scientific and commercial ideas to produce biological fuel and discover alternative energy, and to export electricity from Ukraine to Europe,” he said.

The President also said the two countries should forge closer regional and educational ties.  

“I consistently support and will support this dialogue,” he said, adding that he appreciated the efforts by the Estonian government to help the Ukrainian community.  

Yushchenko said he had considered the possibility of opening a Ukrainian cultural center in Tallinn with members of the Ukrainian community today.

The President said the two nations had been developing their relations for several centuries. He thanked Estonia for recognizing Ukraine’s independence at the beginning of the twentieth century and declaring the 1933 Holodomor an act of genocide in the 1990s. He also offered sympathy to Estonians over their sufferings caused by totalitarian regimes last century.  


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