The European Commission starts negotiations with Ukraine on creation of common aviation area.

Earlier European airlines from the so-called “cheap airlines” declared that they will open flights to Ukraine only after Kyiv has joined common aviation area of the European Union.

According to Eurocommission president Jose Manuel Barroso, both Ukraine and the EU will benefit from creation of common aviation marker. IN addition, representatives of aviation industry and passengers will get considerable advantages, but first Kyiv must bring its legislation in accordance with the European standards and realize European legislative bills as regards aviation.

The next step is real integration of Ukrainian aviation into corresponding European aviation structures, Deutsche Welle reports.

Europe considers Ukraine very important partner of Brussels, as it has its own aircraft production and travelling potential.

The next stage on the way of creation common aviation area between the EU and its neighbors is an agreement with Kyiv on “common sky”. Brussels aspires to achieve this aim before 2010.


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