A new Emergency Minister Nestor Shufrych declared that anti-crisis coalition recommended him on this post.

“Proposal came from the Party of Regions which used its quota for this post. For me it was a great responsibility that I was offered to be in charge of such uneasy Ministry,” the Minister said.

Shufrych noted that “only a few hours passed from proposal to appointment …”

“I think that only such opposition like we have can trifle with such serious things as man-caused and natural cataclysms,” Shufrych commented on words of the opposition’s representatives who he said he would make emergent situation and solve them by himself.

“The first thing we should do is to create conditions for New Year celebrations in Ukraine. New Year celebration is one of the most important examinations for the Emergency Ministry,” the Minister said. Up to December 20 we should form staff to provide normal enterprises’ functioning. The Emergency Ministry is one of the Ministries that will work while the others rest.”

“I have never been a supporter of lustration. Professionalism should be appreciated in such Ministry today. Professionals will continue working in the Emergency Ministry…” Shufrych said.


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