The Economy Ministry of Ukraine expects the Government of the USA to make decision on assets restitution of ex Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Lazarenko from the USA to Ukraine, Volodymyr Makukha informed.

“We hope that political decision will be made for Ukraine’s benefit,” Makukha told today at the press conference.

He noted that decision on funds restitution of people, who are accused of corruption, is a political decision of the Government of the USA, though there are special procedures whereby the assets of people accused of corruption are returned to other countries.

“In principle, it is a political decision. If the American Government takes such decision the money will be returned and maybe in full amount,” the Minister said.

At that he noted that to carry out such restitution it is necessary to have a legal agreement at the governmental level, that doesn’t exists today yet. “A legal agreement between our Governments is necessary, but today such agreement is not registered legally,” the Minister emphasized

At the same time he stressed that another variant of development of events is the Lazarenko’s assets restitution to Ukraine only after consideration of all claims of private persons.

The ex Prime Minister is in the USA since February 1999. In the USA Lazarenko is accused of money laundering, gained illegally and transferred on foreign accounts in 1994-1999.

On August 25, 2006 the court of the Northern district of California determined a punishment of 9 years imprisonment and fine of USD 10 million for extortion and money laundering. On September 30 the court granted a petition for delay of verdict execution up to appellate hearing.

The suspended procedure of the Lazarenko’s property confiscation was renewed. In November the Court of Appeal rejected demands of USD 2.5 million payment, submitted by one of the partners and also the bank’s liquidators, belonging to Lazarenko,


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