The Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Olexander Moroz calls the parliamentary committees and the Government to revise the State budget of Ukraine for 2007 as a result of its veto by the President. The speaker of the VR told today at the morning plenary.

Moroz emphasized that by preliminary calculations of amendment of the President of Ukraine, expenses of the State budget will be increased by UAH 5.5 milliard. He said that the President of Ukraine offers to change regulations of the state budget, concerning the limits of the maximum pension amount. According to Moroz, such proposal of the President is likely to be considered “but it settles nothing,” the speaker said.

Moroz noted that the parliament and the Government should “revise the budget jointly as the Head of the State offered.” He also called the people’s deputies to respect the President’s opinion and “to work together for realization of the President’s remarks.”


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