Ukraine can be accepted to the World trade organization without signing a protocol of common access to markets of goods and services with Kirghizia. The deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Valery Pyatnytsky told the journalists today.

“Consensus, according to the WTO, is not necessarily that all are “for”, they can be “not against”. It is possible that Kirghizia at the final stage will make a decision that it is “not against”, even if we do not sign a protocol. But we work for the purpose to sign a protocol with Kirghizia,” Pyatnytsky said.

Bilateral negotiations with members of the Working group on consideration of Ukraine’s entry the WTO began in 1997.

Nowadays Ukraine needs to sign protocols of common access to the markets of goods and services with Kirghizia and Taiwan. In Geneva on May 31 of the current year Ukraine and Taiwan initialed addendum on tariff obligations to the bilateral agreement of common access to the markets of goods and services within the framework of Ukraine’s entry the WTO.

The World trade organization was created in 1993 at the Uruguayan negotiations of tariffs that began in 1946.

Nowadays the WTO consists of more than 150 states.


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