The speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Olexander Moroz considers that the political future of the ex Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko depends on himself. Moroz told today at the press conference, ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“Yury Lutsenko has a good general base, people’s trust and experience, gained in Socialistic party of Ukraine. He can use it as he considers,” Moroz said, answering the journalists’ question “whether Lutsenko has a political future.”

The Head of the VRU called cooperation of Lutsenko with BYuT, in particular with Tymoshenko “debatable”, moreover, taking in to consideration that they had an opportunity for cooperation before. Let their cooperation will be successful,” Moroz wished.

Talking about cooperation of Lutsenko with the people’s deputy of Ukraine Mykola Katerynchyuk, being earlier a member of “Our Ukraine”, the speaker of the VRU said “Time will show a result of their cooperation.” He thinks that every politician has a right to rely on his role and chance, having support from people.


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