Victor Yushchenko has proposed a bill on the ratification of the GUAM statute. He asks the MPs to adopt it without delay.

The explanatory note says that the draft GUAM status bill has been worked out by the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine in accordance with the decision of Kishinev summit of GUAM countries’ heads, which took place April 22, 2005.

“Signing of GUAM status bill during the summit by GUAM countries’ presidents transformed it into full-fledged international regional organization, main aims of what is establishment of democracy, law supremacy and respect of human rights, intensification of European integration of GUAM countries,“ the note states.

It is also noted that adoption of the draft bill will create favorable conditions for realization of national interests of Ukraine at the regional level, and also it will assist with promotion of international initiatives of Ukraine within the framework of the cooperation with strategic partners, in particular with the USA and the EU. The further realization of such activity will serve not only for promotion of political and economic interests of Ukraine, but will assist with increase of our State’s image in the world.


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