Mykola Katerynchuk, the people’s deputy, former head of political executive committee of the party “Our Ukraine” negotiates with democratic forces on possibility to create new political movement “European platform for Ukraine” that later can be a political party. Katerynchuk told Friday in an interview to journalists.

He reported that Ruslan Knyazevych, people’s deputy, member of “Our Ukraine” faction joined the movement “European platform for Ukraine”.

Answering the question whether he holds negotiations with former Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko on this political movement, Katerynchuk said: “Today I have a perfect situation - I can negotiate with everyone on these topics.”

According to the deputy “all are interested in this project; there are many offers how to make it perfect and to speed up its organization. Katerynchuk stressed that he is pleased with attention of his former party colleagues.

“People from our party call me often and ask if they may participate in this movement,” the deputy said.

At the same time he said that participation in this movement does not mean leaving or entering any party.

“This is a movement that later will give opportunity to organize forum on creation of a new party,” Katerynchuk said. According to the deputy, by means of formation of a new political movement, its initiators have desire to create “new quality of political face and political actions of a new party.”

Katerynchuk also mentioned that he takes consultations with Yulia Tymoshenko as well.

“I carry negotiations with all political forces in democratic sector,” the deputy said.

He reported that December 14 a session of the organizational committee will take place. Katerynchuk said representatives of certain regions and parties of Ukraine will participate in the meeting, but he did not name them.

According to him, the session’s agenda provides for discussion of organizational base of activity of the “European platform for Ukraine” movement and economic and political aspects of activity of such political movement.

The deputy pointed out that the session will also discuss organizational issues connected with formation of a future political party.

Katerynchuk left People’s Union Our Ukraine in November. At the same time he declared that he did not intend to leave Our Ukraine faction in the parliament.


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