The vice speaker of the State Duma of Russia Vladimir Zhyrinovsky considers that he has a right to offend the Ukrainian Ministers. He told in an interview to “Vecherniye vesti”

“Your Tarasyuk is a fool and your other Ministers are utter idiots. “Write it so! I have a right to offend them and call your country a robber! You have stolen my property and don’t want to return it for fifteen years!” Zhyrinovsky emphasized, speaking about his prohibition to enter Ukraine.

He is not going to apply to court to admit his status of person non grata in Ukraine as illegal.

“I will not apply to court on such foolish question. One declared persons non grata are those who cause material damage to a country, mainly diplomats or spies. But to call a person non grata a man invited to participate in “Svoboda slova” discussion program?” the vice speaker of the State Duma explained

He also as usual lodged territorial and property complaint to Ukraine. “We will take away everything. What is Ukraine? Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk and that’s all! Transcarpathian is Russia, Chernovtsy is also Russia, You should return Bessarabiya to Romania. We conquered Crimea from Turks in 1783, there was no Ukraine then, there was only our Russian army. We will change the map and there will be no place for Ukraine,” Zhyrinovsky said.

As a reminder, in June 2006 the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine forbad vice speaker of Russia Vladimir Zhyrinvsky the country.


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