Ukraine intends to launch a new carrier rocket “Mayak” 2010 on the completing of fourth space program .The deputy general director of National Space agency of Ukraine Eduard Kuznetsov reported today in Kyiv.

According to Kuznetsov, three modification of carrier rocket “Mayak” have being developed combining all best qualities of “Tsyklon” and “Zenit” carrier rockets.

Now Ukraine is looking for launch ground for new development. However, the general director of the National Space agency hasn’t told the exact time and place of the launch in order not to generate a competitors’ excitement. He only informed that launch is planned after completion of the fourth space program planned for 2010.

As a reminder, new carrier rockets are created for launches of light in weight space devices regarding to light and medium class. There are carrier rockets of such class in the USA (“PH Delta”) and in Russia (PH “Angara”).


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