The Government is satisfied with the process of submitting and passing the state budget bill for 2007. The first vice PM, the Finance Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov told the parliamentarian journalists at the interview, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

“The Government is satisfied with the approach to consideration of the state budget bill in the Verkhovna Rada by parliamentary majority first, though many representatives of opposition participated in work on the budget,” Azarov said, adding that the Cabinet has considered many requests of the Head of the State.

The vice PM considers the budget bill for 2007 to be signed by the President as soon as possible. “Taking into consideration the fact that we first excluded tax norms and privatization, and had to vote for them separately… there was a significant delay of budget process,” Azarov said.

He underlined that the year 2007 differs from other ones, as there is lack of funds in local budgets regarding reconsideration of housing tariffs. That is the reason why it is so important for this document to be signed by the President, to be published and to come into force as soon as possible,” he noted.

Azarov also informed that his today’s discussion with the President has confirmed that Yushchenko understands the necessity of effectiveness of this budget bill.


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