First deputy speaker of Russian Duma Lubov Sliska calls upon Ukrainian politicians not to speculate on issue concerning recognition of OUN-UPA warriors as a combatant. She told a press conference in Kyiv after the seventh session of the inter-Parliamentary commission on cooperation between the Verkhovna Rada and the Federal Council of the Russian Federation.

Sliska noted that she expresses the position of all Russian citizens. She pointed out that historic events must be estimated by specialists only.

In his turn, VR deputy speaker Adam Martynyuk noted that he does not consider such position of the Russian party as interference into Ukraine’s internal affairs. “This is our common history,” he said.

He also doubted that the VR might pass a resolution on recognition of OUN-UPA warriors as combatant during the WWII in the near future. “You know the mood of the Ukrainian parliament. There is enough number of political forces, which do not want to take such decision,” he noted.


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