Deputy Taras Chornovil, member of the y of Regions faction declares that “regionals” are ready to back any out of five candidatures under consideration for the post of Foreign Minister of Ukraine.

“I know about some candidatures which are under serious discussion, and as far as I know we are ready to support them,” Chornovil told journalists in Kyiv.

According to him, the faction of Party of Regions will second a candidature submitted by the President for the post of Foreign Minister of Ukraine. “Whether it will be Chaly (deputy Chief-of-Staff – ed.) – the most probable candidature, which I will support with great pleasure, or Roman Shpek (head of Ukraine’s mission in the EU – ed.) – our Ambassador to the European Union, or somebody else out of possible candidatures,” the deputy said. He did not name other candidatures for the post.

In Chornovil’s opinion, all candidatures under discussion are proper ones. “These are people who keep stability of our foreign policy and are professional diplomats and organizers,” he noted.


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