All frescos of Mikhailivsky Zlatoverhiy cathedral, kept in the Hermitage, will be returned to Ukrainian Cultural Ministry, as the head of Federal cultural agency Mikhail Shvydkoy told Saturday in Saint Petersburg.

According to him, frescos are under identification process. “If we confirm that they come from Ukraine, we will return them,” he said.

He reminded that the agreement between Russia and Ukraine on frescos returning was reached as far back as the year 2003. “11 frescos have been returned since then, and it remains to give back the last ones,” Shvydkoy said but did not specify the number.

Four frescos were returned in Ukraine in 2001, and seven more frescos came back to Ukraine in 2004.

Mikhailivsky Zlatoverhiy cathedral was founded in 1108 by the grandson of Yaroslav the Wise, Kyiv duke Svyatopolk Izyaslavovych, and was one of the biggest monasteries in ancient Kyiv. IN 1934-36 the cathedral was destroyed to build a governmental center on the area. Before the destruction, scientists removed invaluable frescos and mosaics. MIkhailivsky cathedral was restored in the end of 90th. Today it belongs to Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv patriarchy.


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