On December 3 the Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych left for the USA with the business visit.

The delegation consisted of Minister of Economy Vladimir Makuha, Minister of Fuel and Engineering Yuriy Boyko, Deputy of Foreign Minister Vladimir Khandogy, people’s Deputies Leonid Kozhara, Anna German, Anton Prigodsky, Head of the Secretariat of the Prime Minister Sergey Lovochkin, Advisors  Konstantin Grishchenko and Andrey Goncharuk.

On Monday, according to the visit’s agenda, Yanukovich is giving a speech in the Centre of strategy and international researches in Washington, is holding a meeting with Minister of Energetic of the USA Samyuel Bodmen, Head of Foreign committee of the USA Senate Richard Lugar, who Yanukovych is rewarding with the Yaroslav the Wise order.

Yanukovych is participating in business lunch on behalf of the project “Transition Democracies’. The representatives of American Government, business, nongovernmental institutions are going to be present at this lunch. Moreover, the Ukrainian Prime Minister is holding a meeting with the State Secretary of the USA President Condoleezza Rice, Vice-president of the USA Richard Cheney, the President’s advisor on national security Stiven Heydli.

On Tuesday Yanukovych is laying a wreath in the Holokost’s memory hall. The Ukrainian Prime Minister is holding a meeting with co-chairman of foreign committee of the USA Representatives Chamber Tom Lantos, trade representative of the USA Susan Shvab, Leader of the Senate republican majority of the USA  Bill Frist. Yanukovich is also holding a meeting with the President of the World Bank Pol Vulfovits. After this meeting the Prime Minister is leaving for New York.

On Wednesday Yanukovych is laying a wreath on the memorial of terrorism’s victims of the 11th September “Ground zero” to the WTC’s location. The Prime Minister is holding a meeting with a Head of the New York stock exchange, is participating in business lunch with representatives of financial and business circles of the USA, the Heads of the investment funds. Yanukovych is also holding a meeting with Heads of Jewish organizations in the USA. On the same day the Prime Minister will come back to Ukraine.

On visit’s results it is planned to sign two intergovernmental agreements, in particular, agreement of the cooperation in science and engineering and also agreement among Ukrainian and “Millennium challenge” corporation.

In addition, one of the main subjects for consideration is joint actions after passing WTO bills by Ukraine’s parliament. Yanukovych will also explain to American partners the situation connected with grain export quoting.

The Ukrainian party also supposes that realization of Odesa-Brody oil pipeline project may be discussed during the visit.


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