On the summit of the Heads of the Government of CIS countries the problems of the current year were discussed. The Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych declared it during the visit to Donetsk region, ForUm’s correspondent from Donetsk informed.

“In Minsk on the summit of the Heads of the Government we discussed the problems of the current year i.e. Yushchenko-Putin commission, urgent questions on trade-economic relations between our countries and we agreed to discuss more serious questions in Moscow,” Yanukovych said.

The Prime Minister also declared what he spoke to the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about.

“Vadimir Putin gave his consent to the meeting and we discussed with him the wide range of questions starting with engineering and up to the mutual relations with countries of Asia.

Speaking about the prospects of his visit to the USA, Yanukovych stated the importance of this visit from the geopolitics. “All, including the EU and the USA, understand – the better relationship between Ukraine and Russia, the better for West, so based on it we will build our policy.”


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