President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko may submit for referendum new text of the Constitution, as he considers that the Constitution in force leads to “usurpation of the power” by the government.

The head of the state noted that after introduction of changes into the Constitution President’s plenary power reduced as regards relations with the government. He specified that the matter concerns appointment of ministers and heads of central executive bodies, as well as head of law enforcement agencies. That’s why, Yushchenko noted, the adopted changes to the Constitution in fact leads to usurpation of the power by the government.

As for appointment of a Prosecutor General, Yushchenko noted that he does not consider it efficient “when the President cannot initiate dismissal of a Prosecutor. The previous model of the power was more successful. The head of the state underlined that he does not accuses the government, but speaks about imperfection of the constitutional reform.

There are two variants of a constitutional process, Yushchenko said. The first one is an attempt to cancel the political reform with further introduction of changes into the Constitution, but this variant is fraught with confrontation and destabilization, the President pointed out.

Another way is to form a constitutional commission, which will submit proposition how to improve and correct existing misbalance. Ukraine’s President considers it is necessary to make the process public and to start with a roundtable with participation of all forces.

“If it does not work, the President has the only variant left – to hold a referendum, collect necessary number of votes and propose new text of the Constitution,” Yushchenko underscored.


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