Former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma considers that dismissal of Borys Tarasyuk from the post of Foreign Minister of Ukraine will not weaken the position of the President in the system of the power.

“Tarasyuk’s dismissal will not weaken the President’s positions as he can submit more or less agreed candidature of a politician, position of whom does not differ from the position of the government,” Kuchma said.

He is convinced that the position of the government and the parliamentary coalition is weakened by “ministers who do not share the opinion of the ruling coalition.” “Do you think we are respected in the world when a minister can forbid a Prime Minister to pay a working visit to a country? Believe me I never signed any orders concerning Prime Minister’s behaviour,” Kuchma explained.

The ex-president also considers that the United States has invited PM Yanukovych to learn his opinion on events happening in Ukraine. “The President’s opinion they already know,” he pointed out.


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