Reporting on facts of corruption in Interior Ministry of Ukraine, the head of the temporary investigation commission on this issue Volodymyr Sivkovycj revealed that for the entire time of his being in office Lutsenko has provided almost all faction of Our Ukraine with guns.

“I have a list of guns, which belongs to almost all members of your faction,” Sivkovych said addressing OU memner Lilya Grygorovych. He specified that the majority of parliamentarian got guns on their birthdays, 47 pistols totally.

Commenting on Sivkovych report, Lutsenko stated that the power in force does not need honest elections. “The people have got the hang of your so-called ‘improvement of life’, which turned into poverty,” the minister said.

Lutsenko underlined that sooner or later he would move to opposition. “I won’t become a factor of split of the democratic forces. I extend my hand to Yulia Tymoshenko and Roman Bezsmertny, and I am sure Oleksandr Moroz will join us soon,” Lutsenko pointed out.

After the deputies’ speeches, MPs set a vote for dismissal of Yuri Lutsenko from the minister’s post and decided to recommend PM Yanukovych to remove Lutsenko from the government. 232 deputies have backed the corresponding resolution.


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