This week the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will consider the dismissal of Yuri Lutsenko from the post of Interior Minister. Chairman of temporary investigation commission on corruption facts in Ministry of Internal Affairs Volodymyr Sivkovych (Party of Regions) told journalists Wednesday.

According to him, the results of the investigation showed that there was system corruption in the ministry. At the same time he noted, that the commission did not mean to search for facts of corruption in Lutsenko’s actions peculiarly. “The matter concerned the idea to examine the level of corruption in law enforcement bodies of Ukraine, including Interior Ministry,” the deputy noted.

According to Sivkovych, revealed facts are enough for dismissal of Yuri Lutsenko from the post. “Under Lutsenko’s being in office corruptive system has not reduced, but increased,” he declared.

In response to the question whether a representative of the anti-crisis coalition would run for the post of Interior Minister if Lutsenko resigned, Sivkovych said there are several candidatures. According to the deputy, President’s opinion will be taken into account, but the coalition will decide this issue “on its own way.”


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