The first item for the consideration of today’s agenda of the Cabinet session is directives of Ukraine’s delegation in the margins of PM’s visit to the United States, Victor Yanukovych informed, ForUm’s correspondent reported. He asked the members of the government whether they have questions and received answer in the negative.

He cited a part of the letter of Foreign Ministry of Ukraine on visit’s delay delivered to the USA and told Borys Tarasyuk that “the Ministry cannot run the Cabinet of Ministers.” Yanukovych underlined that if Tarasyuk had a question, he should have informed the PM in proper time.

In his turn, the Foreign Minister declared that he considers it improper that directives are approved by the Cabinet. “Directives must be approved by the President,” Tarasyuk said and suggested directives being agreed by the Cabinet, but approved by the President.

Later, deputy Chief-of-Staff Arseny Yatsenyuk told journalists that the misunderstanding had been settled. “The directives have been agreed with the Prime Minister and will be approved by a corresponding decree of the President,” he explained.

Speaking on further action as regards the visit, Yatsenyuk said “there are some formal legal actions concerning resumption of the visit.”


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