First vice speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, CPU faction member Adam Martynyuk forecasts hard consideration of the bill on recognition of Holodomor of 1932-33 as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian nation.

Speaking about his position on this case, Martynyuk said: “Yes, there was famine, awful, terrible starvation on the territory of the former Soviet Union in 1932-33 years. It was in Ukraine, Kuban, Belarus, Caucasia…This terrible disaster covered a lot of regions. We understand this, we realize this and we recognize this, but as for recognition as genocide…that’s another question.”

“Genocide is purposeful and deliberate destruction of a people on national racial feature. But nobody can state that only Ukrainians were annihilated…Yes, the majority was Ukrainians, but representatives of other nations lived near them and starved to death as well,” the vice speaker said.

He underlined that none of the bills could be adopted tomorrow. “The President does not recognize any draft bill except his variant. Party of Regions has prepared its own draft bill, which gives different estimation to this tragedy. Both draft bills will be submitted for consideration and it may happen that none of the bill will be approved as pro-presidential forces will stand for the presidential variant, other forces will back another position,” Martynyuyk said.


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