Many adults in Ukraine believe their country should not become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), according to data of the Kyiv Institute of Management, Angus Reid Global Monitor reported.

According to poll, held by the Institute, in response to the question whether you support or oppose Ukraine’s entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), only 20.3% respondents replied in positive, 50% opposed the idea, and 29.7% undecided.

Interviews with 2,043 Ukrainian adults were conducted from Oct. 23 to Nov. 6, 2006. Margin of error is 2.2 per cent.

On Oct. 23, Ukrainian defence minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko expressed confidence in Ukraine’s entry into NATO, saying, "We still have the chance to join NATO in around 2010. We are not ready to join the alliance at present, we are still moving in that direction."

Earlier this month, Yushchenko conceded that NATO is a long term goal, adding, "Our country may consider joining NATO someday, but it won’t be any time soon."


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