BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko considers it fundamental for development of party system to take parties out from under influence of business. Tymoshenko said in Berlin during the discussion organized by German science and politics Fund and Conrad Adenauer fund.

Tymoshenko noted that establishment of democratic system in Ukraine is suppressed by weakness of parties and their dependence on big business. She stated that there are practically no parties in the classic sense - parties build upon ideological principles. Instead, Tymoshenko noted, we have parties formed for lobbing business interests of a certain group of people and dependent on their money.

“We must sever ties between business and parties,” - BYuT leader underlined, - “Proceeding from this our political force has supported a bill draft, which provides for parties’ financing by the state. Unfortunately, Yanukovych’s government hampers approval of this law, pushing parties under oligarchic influence.”


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