Head of Ukrainian Supreme Rada Commission on European Integration, Our Ukraine faction parliamentary representative Natalya Prokopovich does not rule out that Russia may join the WTO earlier than Ukraine. Her statement was released on November 22 by Our Ukraine bloc press office, REGNUM informs. According to Natalya Prokopovich, “possibility of the fact is higher after bilateral talks on joining the WTO between Russia and the USA are over, because Russia has to ratify bilateral agreements only with Georgia and Moldavia.” 

The head of parliamentary committee on European integration informed that if Russia joins the WTO earlier than Ukraine, the latter will need to sign a bilateral agreement with Russia. “Taking into consideration specificity of our political and economical relations with the Russian Federation, the fact may not be a very good one for Ukraine,” Natalya Prokopovich explained. “First, it will be Russia’s turn to make demands to us. Second, talks with Russia may postpone our joining the WTO, and conditions for joining the organization may become tougher during the postponement.” 

“We need to pass appropriate laws concerning the WTO as soon as possible,” the MP believes. “If we pass them next week, they will be considered on December 21 at a session of the WTO working group. In such case, there is a 99% possibility that the WTO economy ministers’ council will make a positive decision concerning Ukraine’s joining the organization,” the Our Ukraine representative stresses. “As for statements of the Russian economy minister that there is no sense for Russia to synchronize its joining the WTO with Ukraine, it has never been desirable for us, and we repeatedly stressed the fact,” Natalya Prokopovich resumed.   


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