November 20 Victor Yushchenko met with health officials to discuss ways to create a national cancer institute in Ukraine (NCI), president's press office reported.

He believes it is vital to change mechanisms of fighting cancer and providing aid to cancer patients, and to create conditions to profoundly develop the cancer service.

In his speech to open the meeting, the President said they faced many problems, including the irrational use of budget funds, inefficient management and inadequate standards to diagnose and treat cancer.

“We must mobilize all our resources, consolidate our knowledge and efforts to stop the spread of cancer,” he said.

He believes the problem calls for “national effort.”

Yushchenko hopes the leadership of the Health Ministry and the National Academy of Medical Sciences will embark on the project as soon as possible. He also promised to ask the Prime Minister to help them build the institute.

Health Minister Yuriy Polyachenko, First Deputy Secretariat Chief of Staff Ivan Vasyunyk, President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences Oleksandr Vozianov and NCI project coordinator Vitalina Yushchenko attended the meeting.


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