Permanent representative of the Ukraine’s President in Crimea Gennady Moscal warns Crimean communists that initiated All-Crimean referendum on Ukraine’s accession into NATO has no legal force and its results can be cancelled judicially.

Moscal notes that “according to Constitution of Ukraine and Constitution of Crimea, foreign policy is beyond the scope of Crimean autonomy.”

According to the article 6.1 of Ukraine’s law “On All-Ukrainian and local referendums”, holding of referendums on issues, that do not concern authority of Crimea and bodies of local and regional self-governments of administrative and territorial units in Ukraine, is not allowed, and results of such referendums are recognized invalid.   

In this connection, Moscal declares that “there is no need to violate the law if it is known that consequences of the referendum will have no legal force and will be abolished judicially.”


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