November 17 Ukrainian politicians and cultural workers staged a charitable basketball match in Kyiv.

The team of public figures and politicians, headed by BYuT deputy Mykola Tomenko and OU deputy Oleksandr Volkov (coach of the Basketball Club ‘Kyiv’) played against the team of cultural workers and artists, headed by popular artists of Ukraine Anatoly Hostikoyev and Bohdan Benyuk.

The match was organized by the Verkhovna Rada committee on family, youth, sport and tourism affairs with assistance of “McDonalds Ukraine” company.

The aim of the match is distribution of the idea of charity in Ukrainian society and collection of means for purchase of medical diagnostic equipment for child cardiological departments in 13 cities of Ukraine.

Famous sportsman Serhiy Bubka and representative if President’s Secretariat Markiyan Lubkivsky also take part in the match.


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