There are two draft bills of Holodomor of 1932-33 years in Ukraine, leader of the SPU faction Vasyl Tsushko told journalists. One document submitted by the President, the second one was worked out by the deputies - members of Party of regions.

“In order not to turn the situation with Holodomor into Satanic dances on tombs we decided to set these two draft bills on repeated first reading and to form a working group to find a way out,” the deputy said.

He noted that the parliamentary majority proposes to remove the wording “genocide of the nation” from the bill and to write “Holodomor, that the Ukrainian people suffered from,” as it is written in the Constitution.

“When we write ‘genocide of the nation’ we mean only one nationality – Ukrainians. But Holodomor annihilated all nationalities; it was a tragedy of the Ukrainian village. I can cite my family as an example. I am a Moldavian born on the territory of Ukraine. My ancestors lived in Ukraine. And if to write ‘genocide of the nation’ my nationality won’t be included. That is unfair,” Tsushko underlined.

The deputy also asked how to treat Crimea, which belonged to Russia in 1932-33 years, but now is the part of Ukraine.

First vice speaker Adam Maartynyuk proposed not to consider the draft bill on Holodomor today, but to proceed to the next item of the agenda for lack of time. 236 deputies supported this decision.


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