People’s deputy, member of Our Ukraine faction Vyacheslav Kyrylenko has started to collect signatures under an appeal to the Constitutional Court as regards interpretation of the article 14 of Ukraine’s law “On cinematograph”, as he told ForUm’s correspondent.

Kyrylenko reminded that the article concerns that before broadcasting on the territory of Ukraine every foreign movie must be dubbed, voiced or subtitled in Ukrainian, “and also may be dubbed, voiced or subtitled in the languages of national minorities.”

“Since 1998 the Culture Ministry interpreted this norm as an obligatory dubbing, voicing or subtitling in the languages of national minorities despite the norm on obligatory subtitling in the Ukrainian language,” the deputy noted.

“The situation changed when the governmental resolution of January 16, 2006 on obligatory dubbing in Ukrainian had come in,” he said.

Now the resolution was cancelled by the court and the government of Ukraine does not intend to continue legal proceedings on this issue. “Hence, the Ukrainian language will be withdrawn from cinema distribution,” Kyrylenko underlined and added that the Constitutional Court would give official interpretation of the article and “all debates on this subject will be stopped.”

The parliamentarian also informed that about 20 deputies, mostly from the Our Ukraine faction, had already put their signatures under the appeal.


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