Parliamentarian Serhiy Polishchuk, member of the BYuT faction, declares that BYuT will second the draft bill on recognition of Holodomor as an act of genocide against Ukrainian nation. He told Friday in an interview to journalists.

“Our position is unanimous. We will vote for the bill and will insist on giving it not only first reading, but genral approval,” the deputy said.

He assumed that SPU and PR factions will vote against the bill as these deputies perceive unfriendly actions as regards Russia in approval of this document.

“I do not understand what it has to do with Russia. We consider it a genocide of the Ukrainian people and both Ukrainians and Russians suffered from it. Everyone, who lived on the territory of Ukraine at that time suffered,” the MP stated.

At the same time, Polishchuk complained that President Yushchenko does not intend to be present in the VR during consideration of the bill. “Yushchenko sent a letter to the VR with a request to support this draft bill, but did not appear personally. I don’t know if he is afraid of the parliament or he is absolutely indifferent to what he writes,” the deputy noted.


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