President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko warns that he will veto the draft law “On Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine” if it does not undergo changes in its final reading. Yushchenko told journalists commenting on the giving the bill on Cabinet its first reading in the parliament.

The President expressed an assurance that the government and the Verkhovna Rada followed the wrong path as regards this issue. He noted that the Cabinet is one of the leading centers of Ukrainian power.

“If we speak about commissions of this institute of the power, regulations, relations with the VR and the President, I am convinced that this process must consolidate within the framework of the working group,” the President underlined. In his opinion, all branches of the power must have common position as regards this document.

“If anyone wants to proceed along the path one-sidedly, I think it will have no future,” Yushchenko pointed out.

The President reminded that he had already expressed his position on this governmental draft bill as regards content. He also reminded that he submitted his variant of the law on Cabinet of Ministers.

“I will not approve the document as it is now and I will veto it,” the President underscored once again.


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