Ukraine wants the energy transportation issue to be an integral part of a new energy agreement between the EU and Russia, as Ukraine's President Victor Yushchenko told reporters, president's press office reported.

“As you know, the European Union has initiated talks to sign a global energy agreement with Russia. This agreement is expected to help answer the questions the European Energy Charter, which Russia has not signed, fails to answer,” he said.

The President said the document could be an alternative to the Charter and “give answers to the questions about cooperation between Russia and the EU and all the nuances of this relationship.”

“Ukraine broaches this subject in a way that is consistent with its national interests. We really want energy transportation policy, in which Ukraine dominates, to be an integral part of this agreement between the energy producer and Europe’s energy consumers,” he said.

Yushchenko said Ukraine “appreciates and shares the fundamentals, principles and philosophy of the European Energy Charter and regards it as a universal document to formulate Europe’s energy policy.”

He also said Ukraine would support European initiatives to “politically consider and then economically implement a number of alternative energy projects.”

“We are speaking about the possibility to involve new participants in the Caspian Sea-Caucasus-Black Sea-Ukraine-EU project. We welcome the signing of an agreement between the European Union and Kazakhstan,” he said.

The President said Ukraine also welcomed the “optimization of the organization of Europe’s wholesale energy market” and would be in the center of this process as an active transporter of energy. 


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