Health Minister of Ukraine Yuri Polyachenko expressed his readiness to work in the government of Victor Yanukovych for the sake of society’s consolidation, for consolidation of all branches of the power, and first of all for the President of Ukraine.

“We must understand that Ukraine needs unity of all branches of the power to continue carrying out the program of the President “To meet the people” and the Universal,” Polyachenko told journalists.

According to the minister, he does not take in the Our Ukraine’s move to the opposition to the government he works in. “That is why I expressed my readiness to stay working in this government,” Polyachenko said.

 In response to a journalists’ question, the minister said that “yesterday he received a proposition from Ukraine’s PM Yanukovych and speaker Moroz to stay working in the government in office.”

The Health Minster refused to join the Our Ukraine party. “Earlier I declared my intention to join the party, but only with a purpose of consolidation of political forces. I am a supporter of the broad coalition,” Polyachenko stated.


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