President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko is convinced that listening to the reports of Defense Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko and Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk by the parliament does not entail revision of foreign policy of Ukraine.

He underlined that he repeatedly gave his appreciation concerning aforementioned ministers and that his position has not changed.

The President noted that he does not consider the reports of the ministers in the context of change of foreign policy of the country.

Yushchenko reminded that carrying out of the foreign policy is covered by his competence. He also underscored that no changes in the plan of Ukraine’s integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures can be observed.

The President pointed out the necessity of democratic processes in Ukraine. He underlined that a dialogue underlies these processes. “I am happy for Ukraine to overcome political crisis by means of national dialogue and sign National Unity Pact,” the head of the state stressed.

The President also noted that nobody had doubted Euro-Atlantic aspiration of the state. He reminded that Ukraine’s course is determined by the law on foreign policy. He pointed out that this key document had been passed by the constitutional majority of the parliament.


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