Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych considers that parliamentary-presidential model of the power put an end to authoritarian heritage of Ukraine. The PM told Friday at the extended session of the anti-crisis coalition and the government.

Yanukovych noted that 2006 would go down in political history as a period of approval of a republic, based on constitutional system. “Parliamentary-presidential power model finally consolidate real democracy and put an end to authoritarian heritage. We learn democracy every day and every minute,” the Premier declared.

The PM is convinced that formation of the anti-crisis coalition in the parliament was a decisive step on the path from policy of closed doors to policy of open public dialogue. “Party of Regions, socialists and communists applied in practice the European principles of formation of power. And it is of greater importance for Ukraine’s integration to Europe than all slogans of our critics,” Yanukovych said.

Prime Minister Yanukovych is also convinced that the work on creation of a broad coalition will continue. “I am sure we have not used all possibility for consolidation. We need to look and find mutual understanding,” he said.

At the same time he noted that the anti-crisis coalition cannot depend on political whims, but underlined that the coalition’s doors are open for good will and honest intentions.

Yanukovych is convinced that the anti-crisis coalition will make its way from “anti-crisis coalition to a coalition of national development.”


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