Victor Yushchenko told reporters the government must work more diligently to consolidate society, president's press office repo.

“Political consolidation is what Ukraine needs today and will need for the next several years,” he said, adding that he would always cooperate with the government, for this is his “professional duty.” “The Presidential Secretariat in Bankova [street] will only build constructive relations and find compromises, and I want these words to be heard in Hrushevsky Street [where the government building is located].”

The President said recent parliamentary decisions triggered “instability and unpredictability” and did not benefit Ukraine’s government.

“I would like to emphasize that one of the fundamentals of my efforts is to build political stability in the country, upon which democratic progress is created, and economic and humanitarian standards changed,” he said, adding that it was not only his function to ensure political stability.

When asked to comment on results of the first 100-day term of the Yanukovych government, Mr. Yushchenko said one of the most important qualities of any cabinet was their ability to inherit and develop the domestic and foreign course.

“This issue is being watched not only in Ukraine but also by our [foreign] partners,” he said.

The Head of State said he did not appreciate some of the governmental decisions, particularly in the area of security. 

“I would also prefer to see a more transparent advance towards the World Trade Organization so that we all, the government in particular, understand that the third decade of December is the most favorable period to demonstrate the country’s legal readiness to adopt WTO rules and procedures, […],” he said.

Mr. Yushchenko said next year’s budget would be “one more test” for the government.

“The budget must cover the next twelve months, its resources distributed to prevent subjective management of the economy so that our society and regions should not think they can come to Kyiv to redistribute budget funds in a non-transparent manner. This is unacceptable,” he said, urging members of parliament and the government to pay attention to the problem. 

Mr. Yushchenko vowed to support “no attempt to reduce social policies we have now,” noting that there were such tendencies.

He also said the government must not interfere in fiscal policy and privatization.

“Fiscal issues have to be considered separately and, as a rule, before the country’s budget is approved,” he said. 

“Unfortunately, there are many such things that make me anxious because they create a non-transparent model of managing the country’s finances,” he said.

Speaking about relations between the government and the presidential secretariat, Mr. Yushchenko said the major reason of misunderstandings was constitutional reform.

“In this context, we should formulate many principles and norms to regulate our relations,” he said. “I do not like the correspondence between the two secretariats and I do not appreciate the tone of this communication. This helps neither the premier nor the president when their offices build such relations. However, I would like to say the President does not generate this style,” he said, pledging to spare no effort to restore order in the system of government and to balance powers.

The President said there had been much economic progress in the past two years.

“This is the compliment I would like to pay to the government, officials and the whole executive hierarchy,” he said.   


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