Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Hrytsenko demands dismissal of Oleksandr Medvedko from the post of Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

“If to appoint respectable and responsible person for the post of Prosecutor General great number of highly skilled investigators of the Prosecutor’s Office will have a possibility to fulfill their duties and to fight corruption. The country cannot live with such Prosecutor General – this man must resign. If he has remains of decency he will send resignation application,” the Minister said.

He underlined that to solve the urgent problem of personnel in the state is necessary to sack Medvedko immediately.

Hrytsenko noted that in every speech the President of Ukraine, Prime Minister and Verkhovna Rada speaker speak about fight against corruption, “but till the Prosecutor’s Office is headed by Medvedko, there will be no fight against corruption.”

The Defense Minister said that he feels serious support in fight against corruption from Security Service chairman Dryzhchany, Interior Minister Lutsenko, “but Medvedko, vise versa, delays hearings of cases, and materials sent from Defense Minister remains unconsidered.”


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