Visiting Vernadsky’s National library on the occasion of the Day of the Ukrainian language and literature President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko informed that he would announce the next year a Year of Ukrainian book.

The President noted that this year the state allocated more means for development of the Ukrainian language and book-publishing as compared with the last year, what makes about 50 mln UAH.

However, he thinks it is unequal sum to satisfy the requirements.

Yushchenko underlined that 70 mln books are imported in Ukraine, but only 54 mln are published in our country, and book-publishing in the Russian language prevails.

The President point out that all branches of the power must pay great attention to this issue. Additionally, this question must be registered in the state budget 2007. Yushchenko underscored that he would take this under personal control.

Speaking about the Day of the language, the President expressed satisfaction by that today the Ukrainian language becomes popular and is in great demand, and it happens without any pressure from the state’s side and with respect to national minorities.


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