Opening the morning session of the Cabinet Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych pointed out priority issues for activity of the Cabinet and paid special attention to energy security of Ukraine, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

“I think we must consider what we have done for the past time, as we face report on 100 of Cabinet’s activity,” the Premier said.

“He charged vice PM Andriy Kluyev and Fuel and Energy Minister Yuri Boiko to prepare detailed report concerning government’s activity for the last 100 days in the sohere of energy security.

“We must consider what we have done to guarantee energy security in our country,” Yanukovych stressed.

The second important issue for the Cabinet is food security.

“We also must consider what we have done to provide with foodstuff…I understand that those measures we used to protect the market were not popular. We see criticism in Mass Media, but they were necessary,” the PM considers.

According to him, during the latest meeting with grain traders he explained that this issue can be removed from the agenda only when the state is 100% provided with bread-grain.

“Additionally, I want to know what has been done to reduce prices for foodstuff,” Yanukovych said.


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