During his working visit to Rivne, Victor Yushchenko told reporters he believes the Law on Amendments to the Law on Business Organizations should be profoundly revised, president's press office reported.

The President said members of parliament had considered no bills proposed by the State Property Fund and their former colleagues when approving the law on October 19, 2006. 

“I would like Viktor Fedorovych [Yanukovych], the government and those businessmen that, without doubt, are very interested in the modernization of the fundamentals of relations between government and proprietors to approach this issue complexly,” he said, promising to be their “partner and ally.”

Yushchenko said he had vetoed the law because it “could have been interpreted as a political intention to redistribute corporate control over Ukraine’s companies.” 

The President said there were about 1,100 partnerships in Ukraine. He added that such formal changes could result in numerous raider attacks.


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