Information about NATO will change a negative perception of those Ukrainians, who still chase old soviet stereotypes. Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk told Monday at a press conference in Mykoilayiv, Cabinet press office reported.

Borys Tarasyuk believes that certain political forces work toward popularization of negative perception of NATO. Meanwhile, a painstaking struggle for the electorate's support can't serve a responsible policy on the path of the society's union and formational of the Ukrainian political nation. The moment people receive an objective information about NATO, they would change their negative perception, as a full-fledged membership in the North Alliance is something Ukraine would benefit of, Borys Tarasyuk stressed.

The Foreign Minister stressed that his position remains stable and he will apply all efforts for Ukraine to integrate into the international, European and EuroAtlantic space, which demands Ukraine to preliminary accede to the WTO.

Notably, according to returns of opinion polls, as many as 20% of Ukrainians advocate Ukraine's accedence to NATO, meanwhile, as many as 40% of Ukrainians still hesitate. Ukrainians' perception of NATO depends upon policy of political forces, they uphold.

The Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk held the 4th interregional congress of the People's Movement (Rukh) of Ukraine in Mykolayiv.


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