Kharkiv Regional Council Chairman Vasyl Salyhin held phone conversation with Maxim Kurochkin, a Russian businessman, Salyhin told Friday to journalists.

In the course of the discussion, the parties focused their attention on issues related to cheap gas supply and flour for Kharkiv regional needs, such as “sowing, winter crops feeding etc.”

Such measures will prevent hike in bread price in the region, Salyhin assured.

“I do know Kurochkin and I have talked to him by phone. I had some proposals for him, but you know it was not my own proposals as I am not engaged in business,” mentioned Governor Salyhin.

According to his words, he decided to contact with businessman Kurochkin after repeated requests made Kharkiv bread-baking plants’ representatives. He provided Kurochkin with the plants’ contacts for their further collaboration. “I don’t care what political force represents these or those businessmen,” stressed the Kharkiv Governor.

Note: on March 15, 2005, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry called an international search after Maxim Kurochkin. He was alleged of commitment of several economic crimes in Ukraine.


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