Victor Yushchenko told reporters in Ivano-Frankivsk region the key challenge for a constitutional commission he wants to form is to unite parliamentary parties in order to improve the Constitution, president's perss office reported.

“My goal is not to say what we should change [in the Constitution], he said, "but to involve not only Ukraine’s parliament, which I respect, but also other people whose participation is rational to discuss and prepare further changes in the Constitution.”

The President described the Constitution as a ”common, nationwide document” and opined that no political group or top official could monopolistically use and interpret it. He said there were quite many irregularities in the balance of powers in Ukraine: “Today every citizen can say that the situation in the country goes in a wrong direction.”

Yushchenko thinks this happens because of many mistakes made when passing constitutional amendments. He believes it also “undermines social stability” and insists that the commission pragmatically work to improve the balance of powers and institute judicial and administrative reforms. 


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