Victor Yushchenko has called on Kharkiv’s authorities to depoliticize their work, stop confrontation and build cooperation to benefit the region, the president press office reports.

The President admitted that Ukraine’s regions were “too deeply politicized.” He insisted that local governments “demonstrate mutual respect” to ensure the development of business.

Mr. Yushchenko urged Kharkiv’s officials to change their attitude, learn to co-exist and focus on regional priorities.

He stated that he was ready to help resolve the political crisis in the region but said his efforts would fail if the leaders were reluctant to compromise.

“I want to give you my hand. I am ready to help settle the situation, but our goal is to be united by common policies and common visions and to follow one course of the region’s development,” he said.

The President also asked heads of the oblast’s leading companies, who attended the meeting, to put their “flags of any [political] color aside.”

“I am convinced political forces, as well as the nation, will suffer from the imposed politicization of this or that territory or the whole country,” he opined.


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